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On the 9 December, 2017 in the orphanage for children was conducted charity event «Armandar oryndalady » within the framework of the program article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Ruhani …


In the orphanage for orphan children «Zhanuya KGU» in Almaty , by one year master’s and under the direction of Ph.D., prof. Shaymerdenova M.D. was conducted  charity event «Armandar oryndalady»  by the completed project  (within the framework of the program article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Ruhani zhangyru») and within framework  of the curriculum of the department «History of Kazakhstan and social sciences» with the purpose of educational work.

       For many people, especially for orphans,  necessary to provide charity events,  so we with master’s have developed a project with the goal of a charity event. Especially children which are living in orphanages are need a disinterested aid.

       They gave joy to children in need of care and custody within the project;  and they created a favorable and comfortable environment for them; they brought happiness and joy to children from the orphanage through a concert show (songs, dances, clowns, robots, fashion shows with the participation of orphans, etc.) ; they conducted master classes for teaching children how to easily make various toys through improvised material; conducted master classes on singing, playing stringed instruments (dombra, kobyz, guitar) and by singing with the kids, brought them joy; held master classes in drawing, modeling of plasticine and clay, painting wooden and clay toys made by the master’s themselves.

       One of the tasks was to attract sponsors and the public to solve the problems of children's orphanage in Almaty. By masters was successfully attracted sponsors for organizing a charity dinner for the children of the orphanage. 

      The charitable project-event was held at a very high educational level. The masters was supported a positive emotional mood among children through a concert, tried to teach children to draw, sing, sculpt, knit, photograph, etc. with held master classes. Also, were donated rugs for baths and toilets , ticket to a cinema  and a charity dinner for children .

    The charity event had a big resonance for master’s students. The masters received a great educational lesson,  how to open the heart and soul to children living in orphanages. And they try to instill confidence in children that dreams come true - "Armandar oryndalady." Charity event is not always difficult and it should be simple, fun and become a habit for many people, especially for young people.

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