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100 new books – concrete steps towards a brighter future


      Within the framework of the program "100 new books in the Kazakh language", the library "The New Humanitarian Education" of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after             T.K. Zhurgenov organized an introductory book exhibition.

        According to the president's initiative, the modernization of public consciousness plays an important role in the upbringing of the younger generation, which is the most active part of our society and has great innovative potential. The project will allow Kazakh students to gain access to the latest knowledge, improve their knowledge and prepare for global competition in education. In addition, the translation of the best samples of world science makes it possible to turn modern Kazakh into the language of science. The event was attended by faculty staff, students and undergraduates.

         Alimzhanova Aliya Sharabekovna, Doctor of Philosophy of the Department of “History and Social Sciences” of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. K. Zhurgenov, presented at the presentation a number of new developed initiatives, taking into account the requirements in the article "Looking into the future: spiritual revival" of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. These initiatives have given a new impulse to the spiritual life of our people, given the pace and characteristics of the modern world. One of such important issues is undoubtedly "100 new books".

         XXI century is characterized not only by political, economic and social indicators, but also by the competitive environment in education and science. As evidenced by the words of our president: "The main capital of the country is educated youth", and books are the source of education. The purpose of this initiative is to translate 100 high-quality books into the Kazakh language in all areas of humanities education, meeting all modern requirements. Without doubt, translated the best books into Kazakh, will provide young people with an opportunity to get education on the basis of the most unique samples in the world.

        "The prestige of the country in the international arena and the improvement of the quality of life in the country poses new challenges and tasks. Among them, the creation of conditions for the education of young people in accordance with the highest scientific standards. Such example is "100 new books." Since the publication of the article, a large list of the best books has been developed. At the same time, a national translation bureau was established and translation work was started. As a result, the world's leading books were translated into Kazakh. Published books cover philosophy, sociology, psychology, philology, which are the core of the humanities education. This is a real step towards a brighter future, " noted Alia Sharabekovna in her speech.

         "A new humanitarian arts education. 100 new books in the Kazakh language" opens the way for spiritual renewal of the people of Kazakhstan and a new stage of modernization of public consciousness.

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