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Stage costumes “Ertegy tales” victory in the International competition for young designers


      The best collection named “Ertegy tales” in the category “Ethno-Fusion” awarded 4th year students of T.Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts from the faculty “Theatre Art” on specialization “Costume scenography of theatre, cinema and TV” in the VII International Competition of Young Designers “Zhas Orken 2019”, which held at the Almaty Technological University 16-17 May. The themes of the models based on mythological ideas of Kazakh folk tales. The source of inspiration was the legend character - the steppe wolf Kok bory, which is one of the main totem animals of the proto-Turks, the spirit is the patron who governs the universe. Authors: Zhylқamanova Aidana, Gandarbek Akerke, Kayrbekkyzy Nazerke, Alke Asel, Baқytzhankyzy Nazgul, Erbol Aigerim, Ikharova Nasima. Costume supervisor - Zhanguzhinova M.Y., Phd, Associate Professor; supervisor of the headgear Vozzhennikova L.V., Senior Lecturer, Costume artist of the Lermontov SARDT.

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