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14.10.2017. Department of physical education held final competitions on “autumn all-around in Presidential tests on physical readiness among the students of Kazakh National academy of arts”



Competition program


  1. Pull-up on the crossbar
  2. Broad jump
  3. Floor dip push-ups
  4. Sit-ups


  1. Sit-ups
  2. Broad jump
  3. Bench dip push-ups
  4. Flexibility test

Competition results


           1st place – Saytov Vladislav - 3 course, "Painting, sculpture and design"           2nd place – Dautov Nurhat2 year, "Painting, sculpture and design"           3rd place –  Ramazan Zhandos – 2  year, "Painting, sculpture and design"




           1st place – Kurash Amina - 2 year, "Cinema and TV"           2nd place –  kataeva Aigerym - 1 course, "Painting, sculpture and design"           3rd place – Nurpeysova Madina - 2 year, "Painting, sculpture and design"




Champions and prize winners of competitions was awarded with medals and diplomas.

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