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Crime Prevention Lectures


      On October 9, 2018, representatives of law enforcement agencies of Almalinskui district, Sadyk Rasul, Aykimkhanov Aydin, Dauren Alimbayev conducted lectures on the topic “Prevention of juvenile delinquency” at the Academy.

      During the meeting, representatives of law enforcement agencies gave students advice on modern legal education, legal literacy and legal culture. Get introduced students with the Articles on the Criminal Code and administrative offenses, which come up frequently among the modern youth of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

      The prosecutor of Almaly region Sadyk Rasul explained that: “Every citizen should be aware of the need to comply with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, should know their rights, the right for freedom, duties and laws. Only in this case can crimes be prevented”. The event was organized by the Vice-Rector for educational work and social issues of the Academy Sh.K. Ergobek, in turn, the vice-rector noted, in order to become an educated and conscious citizen of his country, it is necessary to be sensible of legal responsibility.

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