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Training theater

   Training theater of T.K. Zhurgenov Kazakh national academy of arts opened to prepare final performances and to show them to the audience. The leadership of Rector of the Academy Kulbayev Aman Bekenovich founded the theater in 1988. The current training theater, located in the main training building of academy, was an assembly hall. A project on the reconstruction of the hall for training theater and equipping it for this necessary technical equipment was designed and implemented by Ashinov Bauyrzhan Ahatuly, the theater manager. Reconstructed on the current project the training theater consists of educational theater audience hall with 180 seats, equipped with a rotating circle and orchestra pit. There are also a fake, property room management, wardrobe department, sewing workshop, two dressing rooms, lighting and sound management.

   On stage of the training theater, the graduate courses put on graduation plays. These courses run by the notable Kazakh theater artists like Askar Tokpanov, Khadisha Bokeyeva, Ydyrys Nogaybayev, Farida Sharipova, Cauken Kenzhetayev, Ashirbek Sygay, Kudaibergen Sultanbayev, Kaliolla Mergaziyev Victor Pusyrmanov; also founders of theatrical pedagogy of our country Rabiga Kanybayeva, Maman Bayserkenov, Asanali Ashimov, Esmuhan Obayev, Rakhilyam Mashurova, Dariga Turankulova, Tungyshbay Zhamankulov Ruben Andriasian, Tilektes Meiramov, Yesim Segizbayev, Talgat Temenov, Nurkanat Zhakypbay, Bolat Atabayev and others. From year to year, maintaining the inherent traditions, graduate students offer their performances the audience's attention. In recent years, they have produced 12 performances a year. Since its foundation, the theater has released about 250 performances. Along with this, they hold anniversaries of artists, creative meetings, scientific conferences, reportable concerts, meetings with prominent politicians and public figures, poets, writers, playwrights. They conducted meetings with foreign stars of art: Oleg Tabakov, Armen Dzhigarhanyan, Barbara Brylska, Karen Shakhnazarov, Mark Dacascos, Lane Davies, etc.

   For the purpose of training students and teaching staff, master classes at various levels are held. For example, master classes with Yuri Alshits and Barzu Abdrazakov and other similar workshops had a big professional help in improving the skills of students.

   Many prominent figures of contemporary Kazakh art produced by this educational institution. Trained on the stage of the training theater, theater productions have been shown in other countries, such as "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare (head of the course is O.Kenebayev ) - in England; "Ayman - Sholpan" M.Auezov (head of the course is M.Bayserkenov) - in Turkey, and the staging of "Mozart" and "Kyz Zhibek" (head of course is N.Zhakypbay) - in Korea, acquainting these countries viewers with the Kazakh theatrical art.

   Over the years, student theaters were working with training theater: 2001-2007 - theater "Men" (artistic director N.Zhakypbay), 2001 - 2012 Puppet Theater under the direction of S.Makulbekov.

   Annually Student International Theatre Festival named afternAskar Tokpanov is held. Over the years, the festival attended by specialists of the future of art in Russia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

   Training theatre, which is the forge (laboratory) of the future leaders of the stage, further prepare for many masters of art.