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(LICENSE АА № 0000006 от 30.11.2001г.)

Institution, in which we invite you, founded in 1955 as a theater faculty of the Art Institute. In 1978, it was converted into Alma-Ata State Theatre and Art Institute. We also knew it as the Kazakh State Institute of Theatre and Cinema named after T.K. Zhurgenov, and after the merger with the Kazakh State Academy of Arts became Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after Temirbek Karauly Zhurgenov.

Graduates of T.K. Zhurgenov KazNAA, being students, involved in different activities: in exhibitions, concerts, performances and other competitions have proved to be highly qualified, they won prizes, became winners in various competitions.

Since December 2001, the Academy included Republican Art College and from that time, we carry out a multi-stage training of specialists in the field of art: the boarding school - 7-9 grades (initial artistic training), college (technical and vocational education) and Bachelor (higher special education), Master's, Ph.D.

Training at the academy is carried out by highly qualified teaching staff: two People's Artist of the USSR, ten People's Republic of Kazakhstan artists, fourteen Honored Kazakhstan artists, fifty six Honored Worker of RK, fifteen winners of the RK State Prize, twenty nine winners of international competitions and international festivals, sixteen doctors, fifteen doctors PhD, ninety four professors, sixteen candidates of sciences and 116 associate professors, twenty five teachers were awarded "Excellence in education of Kazakhstan" medal, "Honored worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" - 20. For these stringent figures are people who stand at the origins of the professional art of the republic, with the work, which we represent today, young sovereign state, whose life and work are inseparable concepts. Their achievements have become a symbol of the era and the pride of national culture and art: A.Ashimov, B. Tulegenova, N.Nusipzhan, M.Bayserkeuly, E.Obayev, R.Andriasyan, L.Kesoglu L.Tulesheva, D.Isabek, S.Azimov, T.Zabirova. R.Mashurova, T.Zhamankulov, D.Turankulova, R.Bayseitova, G.Tutkibaeva, A.Kulbayev, R.Kanybayeva, N.Eskaliyeva, E.Segizbayev, E.Sergebayev, G. Sapargaliyeva, B.Umorbekov, A. Amirkulov.

Graduates of Theater and Choreography faculties, the faculty of musical art of our academy are now working in all the theatrical and musical groups of the country.

Graduates of the Faculty of Fine Arts have contributed to the creation of Independence Monument on the Republic Square in Almaty, in the design of government buildings of the capital and other cities of the Republic.

Many graduates and students of the Cinema and TV Faculty work successfully in the leading TV and radio companies of the country. The best of them awarded the international film festivals. The faculties "Theater art" and "Musical art" are students who are the winners of the international competition of young "Shabyt", as well as the participants and winners of the «» Kazakhstani mega-project.

The Academy operated Big Band and Dixieland, cooperates with the leading soloists of our republic and the CIS countries. The Academy has a master's degree and Ph.D. for those who wish to devote themselves to teaching and research activities in the field of arts.

The Academy has signed an international agreement with the largest creative universities in Russia, Italy, Germany, Uzbekistan, Korea, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Mongolia, Iran, Turkey, Estonia, Arabian Republic, Egypt, Republic of Belarus, the UK, such as VGIK named after Gerasimov, the Academy of Fine Arts (Italy), University of Florence, Korean National University of Arts, Istanbul University, Cairo University, St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin, Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, State Hermitage Museum, etc.


Job Fair


In the 2015-2016 school year, Kazakh National Academy of Arts stage up to 14 337 specialties for undergraduate graduates.

On 29 April 2016 there was held "Job Fair" at six faculties.

The fair was attended by employers from various creative organizations; directors of theaters, TV studios, Kazakhfilm, concert organization, Union of Designers, Union of writers, magazine editors, A. Kasteyev Museum, from different creative colleges, LLP "KazSPO-of N", "Elegant", SEP "Veryugina", "Loral", "Kazrestavratsiya", LLP "Kagan Engeneering" Ltd, "Taykazan", LLP "Arkanat" SEP "Konyr", "Ethno-Design Kazak - 2030 "

In consequence of, from 337 graduates, 215 graduates were assigned to the creative organizations.