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«Theater Art»

The theatrical faculty is the oldest faculty of the Kaz NAA. Аs the professional training in the field of theatrical education begins from the Decision of Narcompross of September 20, 1933, in Kazstatetheatre when study on actor’s skill was organized. The faculty was formed in 1995 as a part of theatrical division at ASTAI.

The representatives of elder generation professors of theatrical faculty- A.Tokpanov, R.Kanybaev, H.Bukeeva, Sh.Zhandarbekova, A.Madievskii, G.Zhanysbaeva, A.Mambetov, G.Rutkovskaya, K.Kenzhetaev and others were the creators of high traditions of the theatrical school of Kazakhstan.

The theatrical faculty provided great help in a training of local specialists in Kirghizia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and NRC.