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Educational process

T.K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts is one of the higher educational institutions, which have successfully implemented the concept of continuing higher education. The training system consists of five stages: School- College - Bachelor - Magistrate - Doctorate, contributes to the preparation of highly qualified specialists. Nowadays, the boarding school of the Academy held 5 thematic lessons, along with the 4 specialties of college and higher education levels, as well as 14 Bachelor specialties, 13 Master's specialties, 7 specialties of Doctorate  are successfully applied special training programs.

 The following departments are functioning in the Academy:

  • “Theatre art”
  • "Musical art”,
  • “Art criticism”
  • “Cinema and TV”
  • “Choreography”
  • “Painting, sculpture and design”

    In December 2015 in accordance with the law "About education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" T.K. Zhurgenov KazNAA successfully passed the accreditation of Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) to 19 undergraduate and graduate programs. They are nine Masters and ten Bachelor specialties.

On the basis of 24 departments are carried out:

  • More than 700 training materials on basic specialties;
  • More than 30 textbooks, manuals and teaching materials;
  • 69 modular work programs;
  • 11 standards in the field of art;
  • More than 60 workshops;
  • More than 10 methodical seminars.