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Commercial study

Commercial study department:

  • Organize the supervision of timely payment of the students;
  • Implementation of accounting movement contingent of students and ensuring accountability for the contingent;
  • Registration and maintenance of personnel files of students expelled or transferred to other universities, as well as the timely amendment of the necessary changes;
  • Rreparation of personal files of students to pass to the archive;
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual accounting of the movement of a contingent of students;
  • Together with the faculties and departments to conduct a general analysis of the results of examinations;
  • The direction and control of the work to eliminate academic debts;
  • Preparation of orders on a student of the Academy;
  • Paperwork in the student clinic;
  • Preparation of documentation for production;
  • Implementation of electronic records "movement" of students for administrative report based PLATONUS;
  • Work with students on transfer, restoration;
  • Correspondence with the MES of RK;
  • Issuance of primary documents (certificates, diplomas) to graduates after academy graduation.
  • Work with the basic high school to pass the complex testing of students transferred from foreign universities.


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