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Registration office

Registration office department:

  • Registration of students, providing freedom of choice by students of disciplines for choice;
  • Participation in the formation of the individual curriculum;
  • Registration of students movement (entering orders on transfers, payments, recoveries, academic leave etc);
  • Register of educational achievements of students (preparation, issuance, registration and storage of academic achievement statements, transcripts, GPA stands count at the transfer from course to course);
  • Organization of the mid and final evaluation of students;
  • Accounting for admission of students to the rating of the examination session;
  • The issuance, registration and storage of certification, and the semester examination sheets;
  • Preparation of the final of the students' progress reports on the results of the session (the form №34);
  • Organization of the summer semester to meet the additional training needs, the elimination of academic debt and eliminate differences in the curriculum;
  • Scheduling training sessions, examinations;
  • Monitoring of accordance of time-table with curricula and Chair staff time-sheet;
  • Сlassroom fund allocation and monitoring of compliance with the rules of its use.

Head of the registration office department: Shomshekova Assima Abenovna   

8(727)261 13 24