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Student Affairs Department

Student Affairs department:

  • Reception, registration and maintenance of personnel files of students in accordance with the orders ;
  • Storage of personal files of students enrolled and changes in the personal affairs of students according to the orders;
  • Issuance of student, library tickets and record books;
  • Preparation of orders on student body / on students transfer from course to course, of expulsion (academic dismissal), re-entering / registration and extracts from the orders;
  • Preparation of personal files of students transferred to other universities (on request) and sending them;
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual accounting of the students;
  • Compilation of statistics on a 3-NK form to the Department of Statistics in Almaty;
  • Implementation of electronic records "movement" of students for administrative report based on PLATONUS;
  • Application for a strict reporting forms and accounting (acts of cancellation and information on the use of forms of strict accounting); logging the issue of certificates and forms of academic certificates;
  • Preparation of responses to requests for confirmation of diplomas, student study, information retrieval for students of various departments at all levels of the organization / per requests /;
  • Preparing and issuing confirmation inquiry/upon request / copies of documents to students, etc.
  • Filling alphabetic books for registration and movement of a contingent of students;
  • Execution of personal documents of expelled students and graduates in the archives of the Academy;
  • Prepare students’ medical records for student clinic in Almaty.

Head of Student Affairs department

Abishova Lyazzat Amanzholovna

8(727) 272 63 62