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Career guidance

Career Guidance (Function)

  • Produces brochures for applicants (boarding school, college, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate);
  • Correction of the general brochure about work of the academy for students of general and specialized secondary schools.
  • Organizes business trips for teaching staff in the career oriented work in the regional centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Conducts open day in the Academy
  • Organizes media coverage of the event of the Academy.
  • Organizes meetings with people from other educational institutions: schools, colleges, and arts organizations.
  • Work in the regions performed by teaching staff of the Academy for career oriented works;
  • Performance of students with the purpose of attracting new freshmen students to the academy;
  • Organizes courses for incoming students of the Academy;
  • Conducts assembly with teaching staff;
  • Composition and confirmation of plans of career oriented work of faculties and university
  • Participation in educational markets
  • Formation of the meeting’s agenda for pupils (public lectures, seminars, trainings, master class).
  • Attraction of students, master students to participate in the career oriented work of the university;
  • Organizes and conducts excursions for students in the Academy
  • Conducts «Day of open doors» of the faculties, cathedras
  • Sends advertising materials to all general education institutions;
  • Update of information on the Academy's website
  • Chat with incoming students through e-mail and guest’s book on the social network page of the academy
  • Consultation for incoming students and their parents about admission requirements
  • Organization of advertising campaigns


The director of the career oriented department,

Educational practice and retention of young specialists

KazNAA named after T. Zhurgenova G.M. Moldazhanova

Tel: 8727-272-46-74