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Nostrification and apostille of documents on education

Nostrification - a procedure performed to determine the authenticity of the document issued by another State. Nostrification carried center of Bologna process and academic mobility MES.

List of documents for nostrification

  1. Application for nostrification of education documents;
  2. the original document of education with the application (after verification of non-refundable);
  3. notarized copy of an identity document, the document of education and its annexes (if necessary translation into the state or Russian language);
  4. copy of the license and the certificate of accreditation of the institution issuing the certificate of education, except for state documents about the main average, secondary education, the stamp of the institution (if necessary, with a notarized translation into the state or Russian language);
  5. Receipt of payment.

The documents referred to in paragraph 2 shall be apostilled or legalized, or the recipient of the public service must provide an archival certificate from the institution, confirming his training.

Upon delivery of the documents does not personally by the applicant, as a trustee, you must have a notarized power of attorney (original) or a cover letter from the organization with the signature of the head and the seal.

Application for delivery of documents to be filled correctly, without corrections, block letters, just specify the address and contact numbers.

Upon receipt of the certificate of nostrification, you must be in possession of an identity card, and the original receipt of payment (authorized person - power of attorney).