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Academic mobility

Academic mobility is relocation of students or teachers -researchers for a specific academic period (including the passing of education or work practice). As a rule it is a semester or academic year at another university (within the country or abroad) for studying or research, with the mandatory development of educational programs in the form of credits in the home university.

There is external (international) and internal (national) academic mobility.

External academic mobility means training students in foreign universities, as well as the work of teacher- researchers in foreign educational or scientific universities.

Internal academic mobility means training students as well as teacher-researchers work in the leading Kazakhstan universities.

Internal (Intrakazakhstan) academic mobility is a moving trained, teachers-researchers or carrying out of researches for the certain academic period: a semester, or academic year in other higher educational institution of Kazakhstan with obligatory reoffset of the mastered educational programs in a category of credit in the high school or for study continuation in other high school.

Maintenance of internal academic mobility carries out department of educational process of Department on the academic questions (the Coordinator of program Educational department).

For enrolment in the T.K. Zhurgenov KazNAA, as part of academic mobility, you must provide the following documents:          

  1. Application of a student. In the application, the name and full home university address, department and university coordinator’s data, and personal information about the student should be pointed out. The application provides motivation of students, who participate in mobility programs, information about language studying level abroad, work experience and prior learning abroad, the possibility of obtaining a grant to study abroad.
  2. Learning agreement for the mobility program. The agreement is the main document that regulates the student learning process on the program of academic mobility.
  3. Transcript of training. Information about the training program (code of discipline), the name of discipline, the duration of study subjects, assessment for learning (at the national scale and the scale of ECTS), the number of credits awarded ECTS should be contributed in the learning transcript. 

You will be informed by phone or email if the enrolment is successful.



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