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The rules of international internships

The implementation plan of foreign training of students of the Academy is designed for a calendar year on the basis of faculties and departments in advance. Overseas Internship students may be:

  • In the framework of contracts, agreements and memorandums;
  • on the basis of personal invitations from educational and research institutions.

Students can choose a foreign university for an internship. A prerequisite is the presence of specialty and implementation of appropriate educational program host institution.

Making foreign training

To registration of foreign training students of the Academy must be submitted 3 weeks (former Soviet republics), 6 weeks (CIS countries) to the proposed trip the following documents to the department of external relations specialist and a specialist in academic mobility:

    1. Personal application addressed to the Rector the visa of the supervisor, head of department, dean of the faculty;
    2. A copy of the invitation letter for an internship in a foreign university;
    3. Translation invitation, if it exists in a foreign language;
    4. Programme passage of foreign scientific training.
    5. On the basis of the program, Academy students develop an individual plan for the internship.

Once a positive decision the leadership of the Academy, to prepare a draft order on sending the student to the scientific training abroad.

Students are sent for internship at a foreign university are required to:

  1. In advance provide a statement on secondment;
  2. Follow the terms of probation specified in the order on the direction of an internship;

Departure and return to the Academy within the period prescribed by the order of the passage of foreign training without proper documentation is a violation of discipline.

  1. If there is a valid reason, be allowed to go to a foreign institution, you must submit a reasoned statement of the Academy of management to the Rector with supporting documents.
  2. Follow the house rules and bylaws of the host university. Cancel out in a foreign university issued an appropriate order.

The order visa

To traveling to CIS countries need to apply for a visa to enter the country. Visa is issued in advance of the intended trip.

The necessary documents for visa *:

  • passport (foreign), valid 6 months from the end of the requested visa and having a free page for the visa label and border marks + copy of the passport;
  • photo, 1 color, format 3,5x4,5, (not more than 1 year old);
  • the original invitation from the university on the form;
  • proof of residence with the hotel or with a student dormitory;
  • copy of birth certificate, marriage;
  • certificate of study;
  • insurance;
  • Help from the bank on the availability of funds in the account and on the movement of funds in the last 3 months;
  • Copy armor flights both ways.

* The list of required documents can be supplemented depending on the requirements of the Consulate.

The order of the report

After the foreign internship students provide certificates, certificate, etc., as well as hand over the leadership of the report.

To report applied the following documents:

  1. trip certificate
  2. Documents live
  3. Documents on transport costs