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The monograph “Cognitive function and characteristics of the concept “ happiness ”in the Kazakh language” has been handed over to the fund of read


   Associate Professor of the History of Kazakhstan and Social Sciences Department of T. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts, PhD Biyazdykova Aliya Alimbekovna has replenished the book fund of the academy with her scientific works: the monograph “Cognitive function and characterization of the concept “happiness” in the Kazakh language”, the textbook “Professional Kazakh language” for the specialty “Cinema and Television” (directing of fiction films , animation directing, directing of television, cinematography). The head of the library of the Academy Tutibaeva Elmira Ablekimovna accepted and transferred the scientific works of the author to the fund of the reference room. 

   The monograph is devoted to the analysis of one of the most important metaphysical concepts - the concept of “happiness”. We consider the national-specific content, theoretical foundations, features of the concept of “happiness” and information and cognitive aspects of linguistic units in relation to it.

   The book is intended for philologists, cultural scientists, teachers, students, a wide range of readers interested in cognitive linguistics.

   The manual is based on the standard curriculum approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 5, 2016. №425. The manual is intended for students of creative universities, studying in the specialty "Cinema and Television".

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