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"Ungurtas geodistance"

Khalykov Kabyl
Vice-rector of scientific work of KazNAA named after Zhurgenov
The curator of the student section

Baymukhanova Zhannat
Lecturer of the Department

«Scenography,clothing desing»

Geoscenography of space - was been learned by students-scenographers of Kazakh National Academy of Art named after T.Zhurgenov in 2014 in 17th november. A main task for students during performance was a plastic learning geoscenography of space; a creating scenografic discourse with aid of images and myths our Earth; a feeling energetic space and splitting with impulse of the Earth and the Sky. Also is an important docking artistic imagination and reality, the distance steps of actors and a distance of the Earth and the Sky in energetic field of space.

A program of performances by students works:

  1. Title. «The awakening». Splitting with nature. The awakening from rocks. Plastic motives of Spring. An act of beginning of life. A greeting of place and space.
  2. Title. «The worship to the Earth (Umai ana)». The charming by spirit of the Mother-Earth with «Horns», cyrculation of energy Yin. A composition of splitting with nature. An ascension of spirit«Umai Ana»: a state of bliss, catharsis, respect, propitiation (Aymalau). A soft music – mythical act.
  3. Title. « Spirit Aydakhar Ata». An ascension to Saint mountain. A worship, a swirl, trance-animation, a cleaning by keepers of space.
  4. Title. «Redemption». A space spiral – an act of Chaos. Confusing colored rope – ups and downs.
  5. Title. «The Vision». Breakthrough in the World of vision on the other side of the cave. Travel in a dream in the Mountains Ungurtas-Land.
  6. Title. «Journey to the composition». Pseudo-chromatic effect.Properties spaces:fluidity, graphics illusion.
  7. Title. «The Silence». The charm of the sunset Valley Ungurtas.
  8. Title. «Return to home». A greeting “PQ 2015” on top of the mountain.