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Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.Zhurgenov

 Advanced training courses


Kazakh National Academy of arts named after T.Zhurgenov is ready to announce about advanced training courses of the following specialties:

Title of the specialization and specialty


Traditional musical art – 5B040500

-          Traditional performing art


Directing – 5B040600

-          Drama theater directing

-          Music theater directing

-          Puppet theater directing

-          Massive performance and show directing

-          Circus directing

-          Choreography directing

-          Function film directing

-          Non-function film directing

-          Advertising and musical clip directing

-          Scientific-famous film directing

-          TV directing

-          Animation film directing

-          Film and television directing, producing

-          Music sound directing

-          Film and TV sound directing


Art of acting 5B040700

-          Drama theater and film actor

-          Music theater actor

-          Variety artist

-          Puppet theater actor


Variety art 5B040800

-          Variety vocalist

-          Variety orchestra actor

-          Variety composer, arranger


Choreography 5B040900

-          Choreography teacher

-          Sport ballroom dance


Scenography 5B041000

-          Theater-decorative art

-          Theater technique and performance designing

-          Scenography of theater, film and TV make up

-          Puppet theater scenography

-          Theater, film and TV costume scenography

-          Fashion design


Directing of Art – 5B041200

-          Film and TV director


Painting – 5B041300

-          Easel painting

-          Monumental list

-          Restoration of composition (easel painting and monumental list)


Graphics – 5B041400

-          Easel graphics

-          Book graphics

-          Commercial art

-          Television graphics


Art criticism – 5B041600

-          Art criticism

-          Ethno art criticism

-          Theatricology

-          Film research

-          Screen writing


Decorative art – 5B041700

-          Art weaving

-          Art metal and other material working

-          Art wood working

-          Art ceramics


Design – 5B042100

-          Interior design

-          Furniture design


Sculpture – 5B041500

-          sculpture


Art – management – 5B042300

-          art-management

Advanced training courses are conducted in training workshop rooms by leading teachers of Kazakh National Academy of arts named after T.Zhurgenov as prof. the people’s artist of Republic of Kazakhstan A.Tokpanov, prof. member correspondent of Academy of Arts USSR, honoured artist of Kazakh SCE K.T.Telzhanov, honoured artist of KazSCE, cand. of arts, prof. Z.M.Raibayev, , honoured artist of KazSCE, laureate of state prize of KazSCE, laureate of prize “Tarlan”, laureate of international Socrate prize, prof. of arts B.G.Ayukhanov, Merited artist of the Arts, prof. M.Z.

The audience could be as citizens of RK as LPG       with college and university degree also workers in primary, secondary and high institutions in the field of culture and art.

     Advanced training courses are focuses on rising the professional and pedagogic masters on the basis of academic and modern methods of teaching perfection of the quality of specialist preparing.

Duration of program is 1 week (36 hours), 2 weeks (72 hours).

Advanced training courses could be started in convenient day according to individual program (at the wish of listener). On the morrow of the program will be given certificates due form.

In order to organize preparing and realizing advanced training courses we ask you send an application preliminary.

Documents for enrolment:

  1. application with specialty
  2. ID (copy)
  3. Payment receipt (copy)
  4. Agreement (3 copies)


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