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Theater art faculty

Acting skills and directing department

  1. "Director’s work with actors during the rehearsal period (with an effective analysis of the play to the staging of the play)"
  2. "Trading on the development acting elements of the organic action"

Stage and fashion design department

  1. "The development of creativity in the costume design by the deconstruction means
  2. "Creating a form of the female corset by the way of prototyping"
  3. "Methods of children's clothes constructing "

Scenic speech department

  1. "Stage culture and stage techniques"
  2. "Oratory"
  3. "Word movement on contemporary stage and screen"



Musical Art Faculty

Traditional musical art department

  1. "Computer musical literacy "
  2. "Anthology of Kazakh culture"

Instruments of a variety orchestra and fortepiano department

  1. "Jazz instrumentation"
  2. "Computer Orchestration"



«Cinematography and TV» faculty

Film directing department

  1. "Directing of feature film"
  2. "Practical directing"
  3. "The technology of film production"

Animation directing department

  1. "Subject Animation"
  2. "Create 2D animation in Anime Studio Pro program"
  3. Practical training course Vine shoot (short staged video and animation for Instagram)
  4. The dialectical laws of nature and an emotions-sensory perception of works of art
  5. Scriptwriter’s methods and narrator’s techniques
  6. Fine film solution

Television directing and cinematography department

  1. "Script courses: Writing, Theory of screen directing"



Art criticism faculty

History and theory of visual arts department

  1. Technology and organization of tour services
  2. The main directions of museums
  3. History of art

History and theory of theatre arts department

  1. Modern World theatrical process
  2. Actual problems of modern Kazakh theatre

History and theory of film department

  1. Problems of contemporary dramaturgy
  2. Cinema dramaturgy: ten steps
  3. Theatre repertoire and dramaturgy skills
  4. Cinema dramaturgy skills
  5. Basics of Film Directing and drama auteur cinema
  6. Writing ways of drama in modern directions




Choreography faculty

Director of choreography department

  1. Kazakh dance styling
  2. Art of creating dance

Pedagogy of choreography department

  1. Classical dance
  2. Latin American dances
  3. Standard dances




Painting, sculpture and design faculty


Painting department

  1. Stained glass art
  2. Easel painting