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TAMS (Тhе Teaching Аrсhіvе оf Мusісаl Stоrytelling)

Dear collegues!

In the frame of agreement between T. Zhurgenov KazNAA and Coastal Carolina University (USA) the TAMS (The Teaching Archive of Musical Storytelling) project is launching.

What project is it?

TAMS – is a teaching archive of history and storytelling developed and supporting by Professor Anna Oldfield. This digital archive will become people’s joint creation around the world, who are willing to share with their musical traditions of narrations as well as contemporary. This website will be developed for teachers and students of any age, and will be free of use for all users. In assistance of cooperating storytellers, translators and researchers video contents will be introduced in cultural context translated to English. This teaching archive is a place, where all participants and audience may talk as people with significant stories.  

How to take part?

This is a form of permit for your audio and video records, photos, art works, further digital and printed materials for digital teaching archive of musical stories under supervising of Prof. Anna Oldfield, PhD which shall be allocated at Coastal Carolina University. Please pay attention to this agreement. If you agree with it, please sign in the bottom and we are impatiently waiting for you!